7th International Conference on Nuclear and Renewable Energy Resources - NURER 2020

  • 25-29 MAYIS 2024

The Ankara Hotel

 The main objective of International Conference series on Nuclear and Renewable Energy Resources (NURER) is to provide an international scientific and technical forum for scientists, engineers, industry leaders, policy makers, decision makers and young scientists/professionals who will shape future energy supply and technology, for a broad review and discussion of various advanced, innovative and non-conventional nuclear energy and renewable energy systems with UNTHINKABLE IDEAS on sound scientific-technical basis. NURER conferences have gained international importance, because of their unique character of bringing together the nuclear and renewable energy communities in the same forum for mutual understanding. NURER emphasizes the fact that both are completing energies and not competing. The mankind needs both energy types with the same importance!

Earlier conferences were held in Ankara (Türkiye, 2009, 2010), İstanbul (Türkiye, 2012), Antalya (Türkiye, 2014), Hefei (China, 2016) and Jeju (Korea, 2018). For 2020, once more the capital city of modern Türkiye has been selected to host NURER2020 due to its central location.

This event will consist of a knowledge-based and comprehensive scientific program, featuring oral and poster presentations with possible commercial exhibitions from energy and publishing sectors. Thus, it will provide a good opportunity to become familiar with the most recent R&D tools in innovative nuclear and renewable energy systems, as well as looking at cutting-edge ideas. The aim is to combine the intellectual debates on the leading practical applications on nuclear and renewable energy technologies.

The program will comprise invited papers, submitted contributions in oral and poster sessions as well as industrial exhibition and social tour.

Topical Areas

Fission&Fusion Energy
Accelerator Driven Systems
GEN-IV Reactors
Plasma Confinement
Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Nuclear Materials
Fast Breeders
Radiation Protection and Shielding
Nuclear Hydrogen Production
Advanced Fission Systems
Exotic Nuclear Reactor Concepts
Transmutation and Fuel Cycle

Renewable Energy Technologies
Solar Energy
Wind Power
Hydrogen Energy
Biomass and Biogas
Geothermal Energy
Wavy and Tidal Power

Power Systems in Space (Nuclear, PV)

Technology transfer, International Cooperation

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